with + N. + V.-ing


Hi, everyone!
Are the with + N. + V.-ing constructions in the following sentences serving the same grammatical function?
Your advice will be highly appreciated!

1. We redoubled our efforts, with each man working like two.
2. She stood there chatting with her friend, with her child playing beside her.
3. Mother looked at me with tears shining in her eyes.
4. He took off his shoes and crept up the stairs, without any steps being heard.
5. With the man guiding us ahead, we had no trouble finding the village.
6. She sat down at the table, with each dish emitting a delicious smell.
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    Elroy, thank you!
    I wonder if the with + N. + V.-ing construction is similar to an adverbial clause of manner in meaning.
    Could you please tell me?


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    No, I would not consider it an adverbial clause of manner, but rather an adverbial phrase that gives information about the background of an action or state of being.