,with no way of knowing what to base one <on> till you get there.

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The protagonist is a royal member of Amber and one of the Courts of Chaos.
He was transported by the Pattern, who is a god-like being of Order, to a very strange Shadow, which is one of parallel worlds of Amber, as blacking out, and then he was made to walk through a maze-like cave by the Pattern and a god-like being or Chaos.
He is now getting advice about what to do form his sentient strap-like weapon Frakir through telepathy.
And there emerges a crossroad before him.

"Any special instructions pertaining to crossroads?" I inquired.
Not yet, Frakir answered. Presumably, it's a decision point, with no way of knowing what to base one on till you get there.
["Knight of Shadows" of The Great Book of Amber by Roger Zelazny]
I'd like to know if I can rephrase the underline phrase as "with no way of knowing on what to base one till you get there."
Thank you in advance for your help.
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