with one month's/months notice

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  1. andersxman Senior Member

    with one month's/months notice

    Which is the correct way of putting it? And why?

    My guess is that the appostrophe has to be there: ie. "with one month's notice"

    this because it seems to me that it would have to be possessive, but am I right?

    EDIT: oops, I now see that I have posted this in the wrong forum, should've been the english-only forum.

  2. Kelly B

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    USA English
  3. COLsass

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    I gave them one month's notice. Yes, apostrophe. You know in this case because one is singular and month yet month has an "s."

    Two months' notice.

    But: I gave my one-month notice. Adjectival instead of posessive.
  4. GeogeHalin Senior Member

    Can I use the adjective form like this:
    1. I gave my two-month written notice.

    Does the '-' has to be there?? :confused:
  5. Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)

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