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This sentence appears in a trademark sublicense agreement, and I am confused by the usage of "with respect to"

The Master Licensee may inspections at the premises of Sublicensee. Sublicensee agrees to permit such examinations after a 10-business days notice, also with respect to subcontractors, during normal business hours.

Would you tell me what the sentence intends to mean by adding "also with respect to subcontractors"?
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    Well, it isn't very clear, is it? "Also with respect to subcontractors" essentially means that the agreement also applies if subcontractors take the place of a previously-named person or group. The last previously named person is "Sublicensee", but it does not really make sense for subcontractors to be acting in the place of the sublicensee, so I can only presume it refers to subcontractors acting in the place of the Master Licensee.

    The Master Licesnsee, or subcontractors acting on his behalf, may make inspections...

    Incidentally, the verb is missing in your original, before "inspections".
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