with shelter and non-shelter domestic violence service organ


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I don't know how to translate this into Spanish. Any help?

We are currently conducting a study of the CEDV's test​
[FONT=AdvTT6120e2aa+20][FONT=AdvTT6120e2aa+20][/FONT][/FONT]retest reliability
and external validity with children who are residents in or associated with shelter and non-shelter domestic violence service organizations.

Nosotros estamos realizando un estudio de la fiabilidad de la prueba-reprueba del CEDV y de la validez externa con niños que residen en o [se asocian/ tratan] con organizaciones con refugio o sin él para la violencia doméstica.

Thanks in advance.
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    There are organizations that provide help in cases of domestic violence (usually that means a husband who beats his wife, and is a danger to the children, but not always).

    Some of these organizations have "shelters" - homes where the wives and children can stay, in secret locations, and there may be additional services provdied as well.

    Non-shelter organizations would be others that provide counseling, education, various kinds of support, but do not run shelters.

    I hope that helps you.

    Hay hilos previos sobre este concepto de "shelter".

    Me parece que lo tradujo bien, pero soy pobre gingro, yo, y ¿qué saber yo?:)
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