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In una canzone che amo molto c'è la frase "how i love you with such just" e ho un po' di difficoltà a comprenderne appieno il significato. Immagino sia qualcosa come "ti amo così tanto", ma è la prima volta che mi imbatto nell'accostamento di tali termini in questo modo. Qualcuno potrebbe illuminarmi? Grazie!
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    how I love you with such just, we have half-life enough to sustain us through the rough
    I found the lyrics and I have to say that the word "just" could be used as a kind of rhyme with such just/through the rough. But what it means exactly I'd say is wide, wide open to interpretation. I could guess and you might get a lot of different attempts here but, really I think anyone would just be guessing.


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    sleep my darling, how I love you with such just,
    we have half-life enough to sustain us through the rough,
    all the clashes and defence of all we have done wrong,
    hoping there is a whole where the half used to be.

    Credo che il senso (non la traduzione) sia pressappoco: "quanto ti amo, così come siamo" = con quel poco che abbiamo
    cioè con quella "mezza vita" che (dice dopo) basta a sostenerli ecc.
    ...Di meglio non riesco a fare. :D


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    I agree with rrose on this one. I think you would be better off translating the phrase without the word "just." It does appear to be inserted to make the song rhyme. It is often difficult to both rhyme words in songs and fit those songs to music in English. Many of our words are difficult to work within that context. Often, lyrics to songs are the most difficult to translate due to that problem.

    So, if the word doesn't seem to fit or make a lot of sense, chances are it's just a "filler" put in to fix the rhyme or meter of the song.

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