with the ease of strolling shoppers

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Clothing and hangers littered the street as young looters smashed the doors and ransacked nearly every shop, carrying off bagfuls of goods from stores like H&M, The Body Shop and GNC, with the ease of strolling shoppers. Police were nowhere in sight as 30 to 40 young men and women laid waste to the mall.

(from Riot rips through north London, the IHT)

About "with the ease of strolling shoppers"

What kind of shoppers are "strolling shoppers"? Does the "strolling" have something to do with the "ease"? (A dictionary explains in the way below.)

stroll verb

2 to do something easily and with little effort: Alison strolled through the exam with little difficulty. (MacMillan English Dictionary)

Thank you

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    In this case, you want this meaning of stroll: 1 walk in a leisurely way.

    People stroll when they're in no hurry -- just as the rioters didn't seem to be in any hurry in the videos I saw. So these are leisurely shoppers without a care in the world, and with everything in the world to buy just laid out before them.
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