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  1. lauraclio New Member

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    I am trying to translate the english expression 'with this being said' in the sentence below

    With this being said, there were some things that I did not aschieve during my work placement.

    With this being said, il y avait quelques choses que je n'ai pas atteint pendant mon stage.

    This expression is used in essay when you would like to make and opposing view to your previous point. Is there an equivilant in French?

    Many Thanks :)
  2. kertek

    kertek Senior Member

    UK English
    I'd go for "Ceci dit, ..."
  3. bobepine

    bobepine Senior Member

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    You can use cela dit in the same way.

    I've also come across ceci dit / ceci étant dit often enough, even though it is technically illogical, since it refers to what is ahead, rather than past.
  4. vanagreg Senior Member

    France, French
    Cela étant dit.
  5. Arioch Senior Member

    France, French
    Uh? What do you mean "it refers to what is ahead"? "Ceci étant dit" refers to what has been said before.

    "Ceci dit" and "Cela dit" are exact equivalents, as far as I know, except for the type of language. "Cela" is more formal, the use of the verb is more formal too, so "Cela étant dit" is much more formal (as I understand it) than "Ceci dit".
  6. bobepine

    bobepine Senior Member

    Canada, English & French
  7. Arioch Senior Member

    France, French

    I'm not completely convinced because some uses of "ceci" and "cela" are equivalent (especially in expressions using both: "ceci et cela"... and you can note that the first one is ceci), as well as similar wordings: "celui-ci ou celui-là" (again, the -ci is mentionned first).

    But I understand this is the rule, and it certainly explains why I thought "ceci dit" to be the less formal of the two... :)
  8. L'irlandais

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    Check out the "Banque de dépannage linguistique"

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