With this shift in language perception appeared the change...

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I have another question from the series "is this gramatically correct?" I am not sure about the syntax in this particular case. See sentecne below. Should it be reversed like this: "The change in regerding the translation process itself came with the shift in language perception" or is it ok like this:
"With this shift in language perception appeared the change in regarding the translation process itself."

Tank you.
  • cropje_jnr

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    Note the spelling of 'regarding', and the reversed sentence should still read 'this shift'.

    To me 'perception(s) of language' would be clearer, however I don't see how reversing it makes any difference on the grammatical level.


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    Of course, if you've already referred to the change you would use the article "the" to accompany it; if this is the first time you refer to this change, you would say "a change."
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