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"I think you've seen sort of a metastases of conscience objections in some ways. You know, an ambulance driver saying: 'I don't want to transport this patient,' if they know that the patient is on the way to the hospital for an abortion," said Robin Wilson of Washington and Lee University. "We've had nurses, for example, saying, 'I don't want to participate in the circumcision of infants.' "

Some doctors have refused to do fertility treatments for single women or gay people. Others won't withdraw care at the end of life. Many will have nothing to do with lethal injection executions.

Could you please give me the meaning of "withdraw care"?

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    To "withdraw care" in this context means to stop medical interventions to prolong life in order to let the person die quietly. There are different degrees of withdrawing care, but they all involve stopping medical procedures and allowing death to take place.

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    In this case it means when someone is terminally ill the medical staff might stop providing care which is keeping that person alive.
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