withholdings, deductions , retensions

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    Hola foreros,
    alguién me podría explicar ¿cuál es la diferencia entra estos tres términos que me parecen muy parecidos?

    withholdings, deductions, retentions. ¿Existen diferentes términos para cada uno de ellos en español?

    El contexto:

    ... relating directly or indirectly to any failure on the part of the employer to withhold, deduct or retain, income taxes, deductions at source, benefits or mandatory contributions or premiums, social security and Medicare deductions or any other social charges, employment insurance premiums or benefits, payments or levies resulting from the remittance of the damages payment and/or the insufficiency of any withholdings, deductions or retentions therefrom ...

    Muchas gracias de antemano. :)

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