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  1. monyhh85

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    I have to translate a sentence in an Internet site.
    I have to say that you need 5 minutes by car to reach a place..
    "Within 5 minutes by car you can reach the ski resort" --> my attempt: Man braucht 5 Minuten mit dem Auto um den Skiort zu erreichen

    Thanks in advance
  2. ablativ Senior Member

    Except for the missing comma, the sentence is OK. :)

    Or: Mit dem Auto dauert es fünf Minuten, bis man den Skiort erreicht hat.

    Den Skiort erreicht man mit dem Auto in fünf Minuten.

    Mit dem Auto dauert es fünf Minuten, bis man am Skiort ist.
  3. monyhh85

    monyhh85 Member

    Danke ablativ!!!! :)
  4. monyhh85

    monyhh85 Member

    Is it ok also Skigebiet instead of Skiort?
  5. ablativ Senior Member

    Skigebiet is OK, too. But a "Skigebiet" is a large area (in general), so it's difficult to determine the required time for the journey.
  6. exgerman Senior Member

    English but my first language was German
    You've left off the selling point of the sentence. Within 5 minutes means that it normally takes less than 5 minutes. So you need to say:

    Man braucht höchstens 5 Minuten mit dem Auto, um den Skiort zu erreichen. But that sounds very cumbersome, not the sort of thing to put into an upbeat advertising brochure. I'd go with:

    In höchstens 5 Minuten kommt man per Auto am Skiort an. (in 5 minutes at the most you will arrive at the resort)
  7. monyhh85

    monyhh85 Member

    Sound good! Thanks exgerman!

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