within one's clutch

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  1. MateuszMoś

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    Hello, is there any slight difference of meaning between these: (on condition that my propositions are acceptable)

    Hold me tight within your clutch/in your clutch.
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    Both "hold me tight within your clutch" and "holt me tight in your clutch" sound odd to me. "Embrace" or simply "arms" would be more idiomatic. As to the preposition, "in" would be more common, but "within" could also be used (with "embrace"), depending on context, which you have not provided.
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    "Clutch" in this sense is almost always used in the plural (clutches), and it tends to be negative:

    She was finally able to escape the clutches of her evil stepfather.
  4. Myridon

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    I would say that something you are holding is "in your clutches" though I think "in your clutch" is also used.
    Ngram Viewer for "in your clutches" vs "in your clutch".
    To me, this usage is sounds old-fashioned and I associated it with villainous intent (she is in the clutches of the mad scientist), not romance.
  5. Chris K Senior Member

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