Wolność ma jej biust

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  • haes

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    It doesn't have direct meaning, but I guess he talks about teenager/young adult period, when people discover sex etc. Wolność in this line means freedom from parents, going away from parental control, discovering adulthood. It "has her bust" (biust) - a bust of some girl you fall for in love etc, because this is when guys discover what this is all about. It is not so clear, but that's my understanding (whole song is about growing up, first child, then growing up, starting a home, etc.


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    Actually, the whole song depicts a human life in a nutshell. It begins by being born, and concludes when you reach the top (when you have been climbing up throughout your life) and you find there's really nothing there - apart for the traces of the past generations. Pretty bitter and desperate, if you ask me.

    Anyway, the lines OP asked about are about adolescence.
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