wonderful society orchestra

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A woman who's going to die soon makes arrangements.
— Now, Mr. Fulton Norris is/has a wonderful society orchestra. I should like you to engage him for the entire weekend.
— This is for the wake, ma'am?
— Heavens, no. It's for a party, and I want it to be a corker.

All of Me, film

Could you tell me what that means?
Thank you.
  • Minnesota Guy

    Senior Member
    American English - USA
    What it suggests to me is an orchestra (or band) similar to the Lester Lanin Orchestra, that specializes in playing dance music for events in high society.

    Minnesota Guy

    Senior Member
    American English - USA
    No, not idiomatic, just the standard meaning of "wonderful." Mr. Fulton Norris has a society orchestra which is wonderful (excellent, very good, delightful. . . .)
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