Wonderful tunes were made

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  • se16teddy

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    'Make a tune' is not a familiar collocation. Do you mean
    - 'make music' or 'play a tune' (=sing or play a musical instrument), or
    - 'compose music' (= write it)?
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    "Made" doesn't strike me as particularly unusual, personally, although "created" would perhaps be better suited, depending on the intended meaning and context.


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    Thank you for your response.
    "Wonderful tunes were made." means "Wonderful tunes were composeded."
    For example, I like their songs. The tunes were made by The Beatles.
    Is it OK to say that?


    To say the tunes were made by The Beatles could be a little confusing. Do you mean that The Beatles actually wrote, or composed, the tunes? Or that they performed the tunes? Performing a song and composing a song are very different. Hope that helps.


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    'Wonderful tunes were made' sounds like something from poetry! But yes, for ordinary usage, I'd go with teddy's recommendation.
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