wonton 馄饨

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    The word wonton always confuses me in Chinese because there are so many ways to say/write the word.
    In a TV show I was watching today, they wrote the word "馄饨" and seemed to pronounce it hun2dun4.

    Would you say that this is the most common way of pronouncing it? (does it vary a lot depending on region?)

  2. SuperXW

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    As far as I know (may not be accurate), this food generally has two styles: North and South.
    In North, hun2tun0, hun2dun0 are generally understood.
    In some Southern provinces like Canton province, people use 雲吞 and its Cantonese pronunciation is like wonton.
    Both 馄饨 and 雲吞 belong to the same catagory of food, but since some minor differences do exist, some people would say they are two kinds of food.

    Similarlly, there's an arguement about whether 元宵=湯圓.
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    In Cantonese, it's 雲吞 (jyutping: wan4 tan1) whereby the English word "wonton" was derived. It's not unusual for Southern locals to pronounce it as yun2 tun1 (pinyin) in mandarin.

    Ingredients definitely vary. The nice Cantonese variants have shrimps (in addition to meat) in the fillings.
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    Mandarin 國語
    餛飩 is commonly realized as hun2dun4 in Taiwan Mandarin, which takes hun2dun, not hun2tun, as the standard.
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    Thanks, everyone, for your replies!

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