wooded embankment

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Three hundred feet or so down the wooded embankment stood a trailer fronted by a gravel apron with a truck and two cars parked on it. Three gutted rabbits, one of which was still dripping, hung from a clothesline alongside a few faded pairs of panties and a jean jacket. Puffs of woodsmoke rose from the trailer’s chimney.
Source: Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King et al.

I wonder whether a wooded embankment is a wooden picket fence or rather a strip of trees that act as embankment as some google photos show or something else?

I am not sure what 'fronted by a gravel apron' mean? Though I know what is a cobblestone apron... it is a question for another thread.

Thank you.
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    If it's a riparian zone it's not an embankment. An embankment is man made. A wooded embankment is an embankment covered by a wood (trees). There's no requirement for it to be steep.


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    After some Google research I find that I am in error (and have always been); Andy is correct. It is a man made structure.
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