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  1. Solle

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    Dear forum participants!

    I apologize for writing in English. I do not speak Dutch, but have to translate a few words to this language, relying on my knowledge of English and French, the dictionary and a previously translated note. In that note, the translator wrote 'draaiwerk' to mean 'woodwork'. I doubt it as the dictionaries translate this only as 'lathework'. As I have no possibility to get in touch with that translator, I should be grateful for your advice, viz. : can I use 'draaiwerk' in Dutch to mean 'woodwork'?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Peterdg

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    Dutch - Belgium
    We really need more context to know if "draaiwerk" is a valid translation in the context.

    In general, without more specific context, I would translate "woodwork" as "houtwerk".
  3. bibibiben

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    Draaiwerk is stuff made using a lathe (in Dutch: draaibank). So lathe work would be the correct translation.

    If draaiwerk is made of wood, it would be houtdraaiwerk. Although wood lathe work appears to be an existing word, I guess that turned wood would probably be the most acceptable translation.

    As woodwork encompasses a lot more than just turned wood, I'd say that this term cannot be used to translate houtdraaiwerk.
  4. YellowOnline

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    The OP wants to translate woodwork to Dutch. Yeah, I had to read it a few times too before that was clear to me.

    Whatsoever: draaiwerk can be from any material. If it is wood in the given context, a clearer translation would be houtwerk as Peterdg says. If it's iron you'd better use ijzerwerk etc.
  5. bibibiben

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    Yes, I misread Solle's question.

    Houtwerk will no doubt be the right translation. Only if the first translator somehow knew that the type of woodwork being discussed is turned wood, (hout)draaiwerk would be an alternative.

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