Word choice: Shield/Protect/Harbor/Safeguard

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Good morning

Taking the following sentence:
"Scientists have launched a directory that lists the planets most likely to ____ alien life"

And given the following possible answers:


It seems that the correct answer is "D". Despite having searched all the meanings of those words, I'm still unclear when it comes to making a distinction between these words, as I initially thought of "A"

Thanks for your attention
  • dojibear

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    Reading the sentence, I looked for an answer that mean to have life living on you: "host", or something like it. The only answer that includes that meaning is "harbor", which is C.

    The other three are basically synonyms. I am not sure what the planet is "protecting" the alien life "from", but I see no reason why D is better than B or A.


    Spanish - España
    Hi again
    Thank you all for helping.
    As it turns out, the key was wrong and the real answer is C, as you were claiming. I do understand now why.

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