word order and word choice


Please correct the sentences below,if needed.

"According to the analysis performed in the cities X and Y between 1996 and 1998, 2% of the total population had Carcinoma,also the percentage of Carcinoma in patients with endoscopy examination was 23%(in the same cities and in the same period of time)."

thanks in advance.
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    1)Is there any alternative for the word examination?
    2)How to say the passage without the explanation between parenthesis?
    3)Can we use "whole population" instead of "the total population"?


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    1) "patients receiving/undergoing endoscopies."
    2) You might write:
    "According to the analyses performed in the cities of X and Y between 1996 and 1998, 2% of the general/total/overall population had carcinoma, and the occurrence of carcinoma in patients that underwent/received endoscopies was 23%.
    3) See 2).


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    No, the patients did not do the endoscopy; the doctors or medical technicians did.

    The patients had endoscopic examinations.