Word order in the sentence


Здравейте на всички!

I often come across sentences with different word orders and Bulgarian is somewhat strange in some ways.
Sometimes, it is quite logical and sometimes the opposite...
So I just wanted to make sure and learn about the difference for below statements.

1) Много добре съм
2) Много съм добре

In Bulgarian, typicaly verb stands in second place in the sentence and therefore second one seems gramatically correct. But logically, I would go for the first one.

So, which one is the correct ? Both with a change of empasis ?

Thanks in advance.
  • DarkChild

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    Present tense of "to be" - съм is not the best example for word order as it's treated as a clitic and in Bulgarian you cannot begin a sentence with one.

    In this case both are okay, but the second one is more common.

    And the verb can be in the beginning as well, not only in second place.