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I have an English coach and he created a new English-learning program where he teaches pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and flow to help his students, including me, sound more natural. So, every time before making explanation videos, he sends everybody a lesson assignment, which can be a news story, a job interview, a dialogue, a promotional pitch or something of that nature (the assignment is not too long, usually 6-8 sentences on average). Your job as a student is to prepare and record yourself reading the assignment while doing your best to sound as perfect as possible (you've got about a week to do that before he gets back to you with explanation material). After you're done, you e-mail your MP3 recording to him, so that he can see what kind of mistakes everybody made which helps him better prepare for the class. That's the general idea of the class. And now I'm trying to come up with good names for my lesson files.

Lesson 1. Part 1 - Pronunciation.wmv -- the name of the first video file
Lesson 1. Part 2 - Rhythm, Flow and Intonation.wmv -- the name of the second video file
Audio lesson files – this is the folder for the two audio files which are basically audio tracks from the lesson videos
Lesson assignment.pdf – PDF file with the lesson assignment

But, my question is really about the following, there's also an MP3 file that comes along with each lesson where you can hear him read the assignment (he's just reading the text with natural and perfect pronunciation). And that's basically what it's all about—it's about that all-important file which shows you the perfect way that you should eventually be able to read the assignment. I'm kind of at a loss as to what to call that file. The only thing I could think of was lesson story, but that obviously doesn't sound very professional, does it? Any suggestions?
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    So Misha you're looking for a good word to name the file the coach sends you, right? How about exemplar? That means "a model or pattern to be copied or imitated." Or I'd think you could also use the words model, specimen or even standard.
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