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How do you say "word study words" (like if I were to give a class 5 words a week to practice .... would it be: vocabulaires de la semaine ? or something different?
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    Vocabulaire de la semaine is a good option; no s at vocabulaire.
    C'est une expression assez commune sur les sites d'apprentissage de langue en ligne.
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    I am not quite sure that "vocabulaire de la semaine" would be understood as "words to practice this week" but perhaps as "words related to the week, for instance Monday, Tuesday, weekend … "


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    This week's vocabulary (5). Your vocabulary for this week. (as above in French #5 and #2).

    I must point out that "word study words" has no meaning in British English.

    Vocabulaire qu'il faut apprendre cette semaine ????


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    I wonder if this isn't the kind of expression BE used to require hyphens for? 'Word-study words' - maybe what we claaed Vocab(ulary) Tests..
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