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Discussion in 'Comments and Suggestions' started by maxim_2004, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. maxim_2004 New Member

    It would be highly convenient if dropdown box with suggested words would be sorted by ABC,
    apparently words appear unordered within two languages groups (see screenshot):

    Tested on Win7, Firefox 24.0.

    As coder, I would suggest this to be done at the server side of the REST service to support multiple languages properly.
    Regards, M.
  2. mkellogg Administrator

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    Actually, they are sorted by order of search frequency. This does a surprisingly good job (in my opinion) of putting the most common searches at the top.
  3. maxim_2004 New Member

    i would argue.
    actually this leads to the following problem: i start to type the word (just as "tram" in screenshot") and my exact match is listed somewhere in the middle of the suggestions list,
    so i can't simply press down arrow and enter to pick my exact match - just as i would do in wikipedia or google.
  4. mkellogg Administrator

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    Hmm. Maybe we should show exact matches first. Whatever the case, you should just hit enter after typing in what you want. There is no need to choose exactly what you had typed.

    We are working on the autocomplete function now. I'll see if we can make that change easily.

  5. maxim_2004 New Member

    Hi, thanks for this reply.
    Yes, I know about the "Enter", and myself as developer, I would also give similar advice to annoying client ;) , but the problem is that you often type the beginning of the word, and you're lazy (or not sure about the full spelling when you learn foreign language) - then you get the list of suggestions and browse visually to pick the needed one. This "visual browsing" is easier when suggestions are sorted.

    I happen to use this site intensively recently because i'm learning italian, and a come across this usage pattern all the time...

    Also don't forget that your search boxes crash when user copy-pastes word from some sites and happen to copy tab chars as well. You need to trim pasted text to avoid crash.

    Anyway, thanks for review.

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