1. Dory1587 Member

    Hello everybody!

    Could somebody help me with this special phrase: " a word-twisting director"
    => qui joue sur les mots?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Novanas Senior Member

    English AE/Ireland
    Yes, perhaps that, or perhaps someone who changes the meaning of words. But it might help to have the context, perhaps a complete sentence where you found the term.
  3. Dory1587 Member

    yes, of course, I forgot to gave you the context:

    the director (of a genetic labo in the future) says that we knock out more and more human genes and that some might have hidden values. One of the employees says that this is a direct criticism of the policy and the director reply that these are only thoughts. Then comes the " You word-twisting director! That way lies deviancy!"
  4. Novanas Senior Member

    English AE/Ireland
    I suppose generally you might say that he plays with words. But I think more specifically "twisting a word" means trying to make it mean something that it doesn't really mean. At any rate, you've got the general idea.
  5. Dory1587 Member

    Ok thanks for your help :)

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