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    Let's use this thread to list any programming language-specific SDKs, client implementations or mashups of the WordReference API.

    AJAX SDK and Widget

    Please feel free to post in this thread contribute your SDK in any language of your choice, but for it to be listed here you must use a license that allows others to reuse the code in their own applications (i.e. Apache, MIT, GPL).

  2. ariok New Member

    Thank you Mike!

    Here my contribute for Apple world:) A wrapper write in Objective-c suitable for IOS and OSX development.
  3. rbenitez22 New Member

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  4. malandrina New Member

    Hi! I just finished writing a Ruby Gem for the WordReference.com API. Rubyists can install it with the command gem install word_reference.
  5. sataniccrow New Member

    I've finished the creation of a chrome extension (dictionary translations only atm, I'm planning to add the option to query also for the thesaurus).
    Here ther's a link to reach my github repository (public): https://github.com/sataniccrow/easywords

    Remember to read the README, generate your API key and change the default value (every detail is already explained deeply in the README).

    Screenshot: [​IMG]
  6. klag New Member

    Hi all,

    I've finished to write wordreference service wrapper developed in Jolie (http :// www . jolie-lang .org).

    You can find the code here: http :// sourceforge.net/ projects/ jolieconnectors/

    Remeber to install Jolie before running the service wrapper.

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