words beginning with ה - Interrogatives?

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  1. Isidore Demsky Senior Member

    are words beginning with ה always part of a question?

    Are there any exceptions?
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  3. Isidore Demsky Senior Member

    Thank you.
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    There are some cases of a word starting with ה where they are a question but 99% of the time it is not, since ה is the definite article, and the start of a set of words such as התחלה (start).

    Eg. הלא roughly is it not...
    האם whether/do... (Hard to translate out of context)

    Interrogative ה, as it is called not very common in modern Hebrew other than set words such as האם, it is more common in Biblical Hebrew. It can be used in poetic/literary circumstances nowadays.
  5. Isidore Demsky Senior Member

    What about the word האינך ?

    Is that a set word?
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  6. ystab Senior Member

    No. האינך is more of a poetic/literary style.
  7. haoninbar New Member

    You wouldn't use it in colloquial speech, it would sound archaic and bookish, but you would be understood.

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