Words for "see/look at/watch something"

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  1. trigel Senior Member

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    I can think of four words, לראות, להסתכל, להביט, לצפות.

    Lir'ot is the most basic word for "see", lehistakel/lehabit is to look at something, and litzpot is to watch someone/sth... but not much more than that... can you give more words and examples?
  2. airelibre

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    להתבונן - Observe, look at, watch.

    לשמור is pushing it a bit, since it is more like "guard", "keep safe" but you could also say "watch over".

    That's all I know of.

    Just for your information, in case you didn't know already, it is לצפות במשהו. That one caught me out before I knew. And I'm sure you know about tistakel alai etc.
  3. ystab Senior Member

    לבהות - to gaze, to stare, to gawk
    לנעוץ מבט/לנעוץ עיניים/ללטוש עיניים - to stare. When conjugated, often the object is conjucated as possessive - נעץ מבטו, לטשה עיניה

    This is also pushing it a bit:
    להציץ - to peek
    להיות עד - to witness
    לסקור - survey
    להשגיח - watch over
  4. C_J Member

    There's also לשור = to look/to see
  5. Tararam Senior Member

    להעיף מבט = take a quick look at something.
  6. origumi Senior Member


    לשוף (from Arabic?)
  7. GeriReshef

    GeriReshef Senior Member

    You're right: its from Arabic.

    ויהוה אמר אל אברם אחרי הפרד לוט מעמו שא נא עיניך וראה מן המקום אשר אתה שם צפנה ונגבה וקדמה וימה (Genesis 13 14)
  8. trigel Senior Member

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    "take a good look"לפירוש

    באילו הקשרים אומרים

    תסתכל טוב\היטב
    הסתכל היטב
    הבט היטב
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