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I am working in a multinational company, and I have received a statement of account. Could you help me with the following words: Belegnr, Belegdatum, Betrag in BW, Nettofalligkeit, Asgl.bel. and Ausgleich.
Thanks a lot. As of today, I have started to love German.
  • Kajjo

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    Belegnr = Belegnummer : reference number of the statement, receipt or invoice
    Belegdatum : date of the invoice
    Betrag in BW = Betrag in Belegwährung = amount given as given on the invoice
    Nettofälligkeit = date of payment maturity (when the money has to be paid)
    Asgl.bel = Ausgleichbeleg : ???
    Ausgleich = ??? : something like balance or compensation

    This appears to be advanced administration, probably SAP related. Maybe we have someone reading this forum who knows more details than I do.

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