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    I got this ring with Hebrew words as a present, and I was curious to know what it says.
    I know it's awfully trivial, but I couldn't look it up on-line, because I can't match the letters on a virtual keyboard.
    If possible, I would like to know the transliteration of the words as wells as their meaning.

    Here's the image:

    Thank you in advance.
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    This type of engraving theme appears to be common on rings associated with kabbalah.

    For example,

    The Hebrew letters are מהש - אלד - סאל.

    samekh – alef – lamed (סאל)
    alef – lamed – dalet (אלד)
    mem – he – shin (מהש)

    Each triplicate represents one of the supposed seventy-two names of God in Kabbala.

    See this for more information:
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  3. niluminismo New Member

    Thank you!

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