words order of tagalog?


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Kumain ng mangga ang babae.
Kumain siya ng saging.

The first sentence is from an article, while the second is translated by google translate.
Are these two both correct?
The order of the first sentence is V-object(ng)-subject(ang), while the second is V-subject(si)-object(ng).
It's very strange, object and subject are exchangeable in Tagalog?
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    Yes, they are both correct.

    In the first sentence, the subject and the object can switch places while the same thing can't be said about the second sentence.

    Kumain ng mangga ang babae. VOS:tick: (preferred)
    Kumain ang babae ng mangga. VSO:tick:

    Kumain siya ng saging. VSO:tick:
    Kumain ng saging siya. VOS:cross:
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