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Discussion in 'English Only' started by a3mlord, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. a3mlord Senior Member

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    "The exponential complexity of these algorithms is due to this ever increasing list that is kept until the algorithm is terminated."

    I'd like to phrase this differently, I find it too wordy. Any alternatives?

    Maybe this would sound better (yet wordy): "The ever increasing list is the cause of the exponential complexity of these algorithms" ?

    (the list was something previously defined, it is clear for the reader)

  2. Florentia52

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    I'm not competent in your subject mater, but can you say something along these lines?

    These algorithms are exponentially complex because of the ever-increasing list. We keep the list until the algorithm is terminated.
  3. a3mlord Senior Member

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    The "complexity" of the algorithms is actually the "asymptotically complexity", a way of classifying algorithms. Algorithms can {be of/have} constant, linear or exponential complexity.

    The algorithms (in computer science) keep a list as part of their workflow, with which they work. As time goes by, the algorithms keep growing this list, which is the reason why the algorithm has exponential complexity.

    I am sorry for bringing a very technical subject to the table.
  4. Edinburgher Senior Member

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    What do you mean by "wordy"? :)
    Is it that the sentence is too long? I don't think you can substantially reduce the number of words needed to express your idea, but you can make the idea easier to understand by expressing it in several shorter sentences, such as along the lines of Florentia's suggestion. If you are translating from German, this will need a slight change of style, given that German writers love long sentences, but English readers hate them.
  5. Edinburgher Senior Member

    German/English bilingual
    By the way, a3m, are you sure you don't mean polynomial instead of exponential?
  6. a3mlord Senior Member

    Português (Portugal)
    I use "wordy" for "too many words". :)

    No, the algorithms have 2^(cn) where c is a constant and n the input-size. ;-)

    I don't translate English from German. In fact, as my English is better than my German, I usually do the other way around. ;-) Sometimes I translate things from Portuguese or Galician since I am native in both and I can't avoid it (although I am doing this more and more seldom).

    I try to phrase things in the most possible compact way, that is the reason why I am coming here asking for not-so-wordy solutions. ;-)

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