work in conjuction / work in conjunction

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    Are both expressions correct: "to work in conjuction" & "to work in conjunction"??

    Example of CONTEXT: "Land-stability model: Works in conjuction with the rainfall-runoff model. It computes security factors in the hillslope, after a storm event."

    Thank you.
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  2. Bayfon Member

    hola alensibe,

    creo que el texto está equivocado. A mi entender debería ser conjunction.

  3. Lis48

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    I agree. It is a typing mistake for conjunction.
  4. alenisbe Member

    Yeah, I think it's a translation mistake, because in Spanish we say "en conjunción", so the word-by-word translation is "conjuction". But yes, MozillaFirefox and Google consider this as a mistake, suggesting (both) "conjunction".

    Thank you all.
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    ¿Qué significa la expresión, cómo se traduciría al castellano "to work in conjunction"?

    Por ejemplo, en la frase: "This definition works in conjunction with the other one"


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