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  1. wanabee Senior Member

    Dear all,

    Her students have been working (in / on) subtraction workbooks this morning.

    I made up the sentence.
    Could someone tell whether one is the better choice of preposition than the other in the parentheses?

    I would appreciate any comments.
  2. EnglishLearner1990

    EnglishLearner1990 Banned

    Her students have been working on subtraction workbooks this morning.
    We cannot use the preposition "in" because it doesn't mean what you want to say.
  3. GMF1991 Senior Member

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    "In" in my opinion would mean that the students were writing in the workbooks, which I don't think is the desired meaning. When I was at school, we always used to work from textbooks/workbooks, meaning that the problems were in the books, and we wrote our answers in separate exercise books (which were handed in for the teacher to mark).

  4. wanabee Senior Member

    Thank you very much, EnglishLearner1990 and GMF1991!

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