Work in progress VS In the process of working


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Which one is better between:

I'm in the process of working and will get back to you shortly.


I am working in progress and will get back to you shortly

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    The first! Although I don't really see the need for "in the process of". I'd say "I'm working" or "I'm in the process of + name of task e.g. typing a letter.
    We usually use "work in progress" as a noun to describe an on-going project.


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    In case I want it to sound formal, what should I say?

    I'm operating and will get back to you shortly?

    Thank you in advance.


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    Perhaps you are confusing what you want to say with the noun phrase work-in-progress (with or without hyphens) meaning a project which is still being worked on, but may take a long time. It is progressing, but the end is not in sight. (This would preclude using it with "soon".)

    I prefer your first sentence, but usually working would be followed by "...on [name of what you are working on]" or at least "...on it", if it is clearly what is under discussion.

    For formal use, I would leave out all reference to working (it sounds like an excuse) and just say, "I will present it/let you know/deliver it soon" or "...when it is ready/finished" or " Tuesday".


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    As pwmeek points out, "I am working on it and...." is usual.
    But it depends on the situation/context, which you have not given. :)

    Certainly not "operating". Are you a surgeon?!
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