work in rotating shifts

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How would I express in French the idea that I work in rotating shifts, that is, I change between working in the daytime on some days and the nighttime on others? Thank you.
  • Nil-the-Frogg

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    Français (France)
    It's "le travail par roulement" and I think you can also use "le travail posté" but this one would require confirmation. We also have "les trois-huit", but this one implies a special time sharing.

    Punky Zoé

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    France - français

    Don't know if the rules are similar in France and in USA, but the general term is "travail en équipes successives" or "travail en équipes" or as said before "travail posté".
    In France there are several types of organization called "2 x 8 heures", "3 x 8 h" [...].
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