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We can say, I think, that somebody has done the work cleaning up the kitchen, for example, meaning the work that involves (consists in, entails) cleaning up the kitchen.
Can we say that somebody has done a job of cleaning up the kitchen?

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  • HalfEmptyHero

    American English
    Yes, however usually it will be accompanied by an adjective describing how well the job was done. "He did a good job cleaning up the kitchen last night," or "He did a horrible job cleaning up the kitchen last," or something along those lines. I don't know if it is wrong, but I have never seen it used without an adjective, and it sounds really weird to not use one.

    George French

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    "Somebody has done the work cleaning cleaned up the kitchen" or
    "Somebody has cleaned the kitchen".


    Why would one use "done the work cleaning"?
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