Work load and entry date, how to express

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Good afternoon

I am about to write a CV in English and I would like to mention the possible entry date and the possible working hours. Unfortunately, I have no idea how I can say that in a concise way.

Equivalent to "personal data", "education" and so on I would choose "Entry date and working hours" or "Entry date and workload". (I do not believe though, that workload is the right term in this context...)

Furthermore, I want to express that I can work 2 days per week from now on. Could I write "40 % as of now". After a notice period of three months I am available for four days a week. "40 % as of now, 80% with a three-month notice period".

Do you think that is OK, or does anyone know a standard-expression one can use in this context?
Thank you very much in advance.
Best wishes,
  • Chez

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    I would use:

    Start date and hours

    I am available 2 days a week, starting now; and after my notice period of 3 months I will be available 4 days a week.

    In English CVs, polite but straightforward language is usually best.


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    CVs here do not talk about future aspirations or availability; they cover only education, past professional/job experience, special achievements. Hopes for the future are discussed in a cover letter pertaining to the position being sought. (If several applications are being submitted, the cover letter will change; the CV remains the same, since it contains only a factual history.)
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