work on a deeper level

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Stephen Schmidt

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في الجملة work كيف نترجم الفعل
The horror in this book works on a deeper, more frightening level.
  • jack_1313

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    English - Australian
    Can we not just use عمل here? The meaning here is the same as the verb "function" or the intransitive form of "operate".

    يعمل الرعب الموجود في هذا الكتاب على صعيد أعمق وأكثر إخافةً


    Arabic (Egypt).
    I think we can drop the verb altogether. Using يعمل doesn't sound natural. I'm copying the rest of the sentence from your other thread (please, always give full sentences):
    The horror in Cell works on a deeper, more frightening level than as a metaphor for the untenable choices we face when responding to a violent threat.

    I suggest this translation:
    الرعب في هذه الرواية أعمق وأقوى من مُجرد تشبيه مجازي


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    cherine, I think this sounds natural and does a good job reflecting the nature of the horror without focusing on finding a verbal equivalent for the English "work," which just doesn't seem to fit when looking for equivalent expressions in Arabic.
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