work the beat

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Sexy Muffin

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Hi everyone!

'work the beat' is used in the sixth episode of the seventh season of South Park ("Lil' Crime Stoppers").
Cartman is now a policeman and he comes home late at night after work. His mom Liane asks where he has been.
(taken from'_Crime_Stoppers/Script)

Cartman:We had to take down a meth lab on Mala Vista.
Liane:Well you should've called Mommy.
Cartman:[turns and snaps at her] Will you get off my back?! It's hard enough I gotta work the beat, and now I gotta come home to your nagging?!

Is 'work the beat' some kind of an idiom or is 'beat' used here
in the following meaning found at the WR dictionary:

3 an area allocated to a police officer and patrolled on foot.■ a spell of duty allocated to a police officer.

Please help me out with this.

Thank you.
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  • Crockett

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    Hi Sexy Muffin. Your last suggestion of work the beat as explained in the WR dictionary is correct. I'm not terribly familiar on how to use this phrase, but I know that it's very common phraseology in police shows and movies.
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