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"But he cites several innovations designed to keep people around and add new members. Beyond listing schools, the military and working the reunion markets, Classmates plans to launch a workplace version in the coming months to attract former co-workers who have since lost touch."

I didn't understand that. "Working" in the sense of "helping"?

  • JustKate

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    I don't think so. I thinking by working here the writer means "selling to" or "promoting through." Part of the service's marketing strategy is to promote itself through schools, the military and both high school and college reunion sites and services, and apparently it wants to add a version to help former work-place friends reconnect with each other.

    Hau Ruck

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    "Working" here is a bit idiomatic. It's like saying, "The comedian was really working the crowd."

    It means that he actively pursues attendee's of reunions to drum up potential customers/subscribers.
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