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    The following dialogue is a short extract from 24 hours which is a american drama.

    Wayne Palmer: Latest working theory is that Amador has this virus, and is headed back here to LA.

    In the above sentence what's the meaning of working theroy? and does it really often used in a normal conversation?
    I gusess we can easily change the above sentence like this.
    I think that Amador~ or My recent opinion is that Amador~

    Thanks in advance.

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    It is a common expression that means 'the theory that we are currently working with.'
  3. Yes, and implicit in the idea of "working theory" is that the theory is still unproved and subject to change.
  4. ryooster Senior Member

    If it is a common expression, then can I use it to the senior people in the office.

    Example: Sir, my working theory on the sales decrease is that seasonal effect is likely to be one major reason.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Yes, ryooster, that's exactly how the phrase might be used, as long as you mean that you're not sure of the reason but think it might be seasonal and are acting on that assumption until the reason is known for sure. That's what "working theory" means.
  6. ryooster Senior Member

    Thnaks a lot
    your answer will be much help to me.

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