works in / on the section (of a road)

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I've already read the previous threads on this topic but they deal with a different context which, in my case, is construction works and the section refers to a part of road infrastructure.

There are road works covering one section of a road. Are these works in or on the section in question of this road? I'm asking because the preposition 'in' was preferred in the other threads (in different contexts); also, that was my initial choice too, but the relevant samples I've found on Google News use 'on':

"works on the section":

The works on the section of the roundabout furthest from Kigali Convention Centre have turned it into a two-way road with bus stops on either side, one near the soon-to-be-completed Kigali Heights complex and the other near the under-renovation KBC building.
KBC roundabout partially reopened to traffic

Harden Shire Council (Council) was at that time carrying out road works on the section of road where the accident occurred.
Curtis v Harden Shire Council [2014] NSWCA 314 - Lexology

The minister, however, said works on the section 5 of the 388 Kilometre dual projects cannot take off now due to some identified technical flaws arising from the designing of the project.
Ministry requires N850bn to complete on-going projects in Niger Delta

I don't have a specific sentence in mind, but, if necessary, I could come up with one like this, which would come in handy to me:
Works in/on section No. 234 of the S3 Road
It's a title.

If neither preposition works, which one would you suggest?

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    They work on the road, and on a section of a road. A section of a paper is a different thing: it's a definite extent, like a chapter of a book; it's seen as a 'container' for its text. You know the beginning and end exactly, and things are in a chapter or in a section. But a section of a road is an indefinite extent, not a 'container'.


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    Thank you, Entangledbank. :)

    A follow-up question: what if a section of a road is definite, i.e. you know its beginning and end exactly? For instance:
    Works ___ section No. 234 of the S3 Road between XYZ interchange and ABC interchange

    Section No. 234 of the S3 Road is located between XYZ interchange and ABC interchange. Does it change anything, or do you still use 'on'?
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