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Why isn't the structure "world football" like this "football world"? I wonder when you don't reverse a noun if there are two? For example, TV set not set TV, football pitch not pitch football.

Why Alexis Sanchez could be returning to Arsenal as the most exhausted man in world football

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    World football and football world are examples of <noun1><noun2> in which <noun1> modifies <noun2>

    <noun1><noun2> = the [type of] <noun2> of/associated with <noun1>

    World football = the [type of] <football> associated with <the world> -> in this case "football" = the football business
    Football World = the <world> of <football> -> in this case, "world" = business


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    Noun1 + noun2 is always a kind of noun2. World football is a kind of football, table tennis is a kind of tennis, ice hockey is a kind of hockey. A 'world' can be an area of interest: the fashion world is everything about fashion, the gardening world is everything about gardening, and so on. So Sanchez can be in world football (= football, as played across the world), or in the football world (= the world of football; all things related to football).

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