World, light, flower: E-links?


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The Protoslavic noun svět (= light) is from the PIE root *kweit- = white, to shine. Thus it is related to English white, Old English hwit. Note the s- vs. h- (satem/Slavic vs. kentum/Germanic languages).

Francis Granada noted some very interesting things at the AL-forum:

Slavic: svět (world), květ (flower), cvět (russian: colour)
Hungarian: világ (world), virág (flower)

He adds as a comment:

I'm not sure now, but as far as I remember the world květ is related to svět, too (through "light", not as "world"). However, the word květ is rather "kentum" than "satem"... (of course, not all the *k changed to *s, but it's interesting.)

The Hungarian világ (light > world) and virág (flower) are related to each other as they come from the same root.

Could any of the etymoligians around here throw extra light on these issues (confirm the hypotheses/... and maybe explain semantic links)?
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