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Someone says he found out below sentence in past ABCNews script or something.

"Greece is on the brink of an economic implosion
and the US is part of the world scramble to get European countries to bail Greece out and do it now."

My focus is "world scramble".

1. This sentence is grammatically correct. "scramble" is a noun.


2. This sentence is grammatically incorrect. "scramble" is a verb and probably right expression is "scrambling" or something, not "scramble".

How do you native speakers judge?
  • waltern

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    From the WR dictionary for "scramble" (definition #9, noun)

    any disorderly and hurried proceeding​


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    How do you native speakers judge?

    First we try to make sense of the sentence, and only when that is impossible do we go looking for typos or mistakes.

    My first thought would be that "scramble" (verb) lacks a subject - therefore it must be a noun, part of the compound "world scramble". I'm not very fond of the combination, and I can't say that I've heard it before, but it's understandable.


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    To waltern
    To velisarius

    Thank you for the great information and insight.
    (I am sorry to respond this late. This sight spins too fast.)

    I, too, first felt the expression "world scramble" somewhat strange, unfamiliar to me.
    Google search results seem to confirm my impression.

    But, after all, this ABCNews wording is a rhetorical expression, then.

    Again, thank you very much!!, thank you all!!

    (Forgive my awkward English)