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Would anybody know what the correct way to say "world trade center" in Japanese is? Should I just use the English words and write them in katana? (please be kind enough to show me the katakana then). I found the term "world trade organization" in my dictionary : 世界貿易機関 (せかいぼうえききかん). Could I then base myself off this word and say 世界貿易サンター or is it not correct?

THanks in advance for the help :)
  • I just managed to get a hold of a Japanese colleague and to check with her. After her, it looks like 世界貿易サンター is correct. Could someone please confirm this?
    世界貿易センター it is. I've read and heard ワールドトレードセンター more often though.

    I'm not sure, but I think that 世界貿易センター is usually used to talk about the Tokyo one. And then, there's the ワールドトレードセンタービルディング in Osaka...

    I would clarify somewhere that you're talking about the New York one.
    Thank you very much, Spiceman!
    I never thought about that... when I say 世界貿易センター people tell me it's correct because they automatically assume I'm talking about the Tokyo WTC!
    But actually I'm talking about a tiny WTC lost in the French countryside where I used to work... We DID have the twin towers alright, but, ahem, they were barely 5 stories high... ^^