worries [Transitive and intransitive uses]

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She worries about everything. (intransitive)
Everything worries her. (transitive)
Please can somebody explain these two sentences. How it is transitive and intransitive with a little more explanation on these examples.
I mean how transitive one will use in passive voice also
I don't understand botg sentences
Please help me
  • owlman5

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    Hello, shanno. Do you know what "transitive" and "intransitive" mean?

    If not, here's an example using "worry": She worries them. This version is transitive because "worry" takes a direct object, which is "them" in the sentence. They are the ones who are worried, but she is the one who makes them feel worried.

    They worry about her. This version is intransitive. The verb "worry" doesn't have a direct object. They feel worry about her. "Her" is the object of the preposition "about" in the sentence.


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    Welcome to the forum.:)

    I think Owlman has explained the difference between transitive and intransitive. You also asked:
    Everything worries her. (transitive)
    How is the transitive one changed to passive voice?
    The passive version of that statement would be: She is worried by everything.
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