worshipful and welcome,


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Calypso, that fair Goddess, questioned Hermes, when she had made him sit on a bright shining star:

'Wherefore, I pray thee, Hermes of the golden wand, hast thou come hither, worshipful and welcome, whereas as of old thou wert not wont to visit me? Tell me all thy thought; my heart is set on fulfilling it, if fulfil it I may, and if it hath been fulfilled in the counsel of fate. But now follow me further, that I may set before thee the entertainment of strangers.'

Tales of Troy and Greece, by Andrew Lang

I'm not sure what worshipful and welcome says about Hermes.
He's one of the Gods. How is he being worshipful?

Please help. Thank you.
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    Worshipful also means "worthy of worship". It is also an honorific, as in "the Worshipful Master" of a Masonic Lodge who is the highest ranking of all Lodge Officers, or in "the Worshipful Company of Engineers" drawn from all the professional disciplines of engineering, technology and business.


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    The Greek word (αἰδοῖος) that Lang translates as worshipful is used for people as well as for gods, and describes people who should be treated with respect or compassion: nowadays for worshipful in this context we might say my honored guest.